It’s official: the majority of the UK adult population received a metric secondary education

In the past, arguments against the use of metric units on the roads, in the media and in other areas of life cited the fact that the majority of UK adults had not been educated using the metric system.

Now, however, the Office of National Statistics’ own population figures for 2010 show that 52.38% – the majority – of the UK adult population have received a full secondary education in metric units.

This figure is the percentage of the total number of people in the UK aged 18 and above who in mid-2010 were aged 47 and below, i.e. those who were aged 11 in mid-1974, the year when metric tuition became mandatory in UK schools.

The ONS’s 2008-based population projections for 2011-2083 also show that the percentage of metric-educated adults will hit 60% as soon as 2016.

The ONS’s own population pyramid datasets can be downloaded and examined at: