Tax is not charity

Most people seem to forget what tax is. It’s a compulsory levy. It’s not charity.

It’s entirely natural for individuals and corporate entities to manage their finances such that they are required to pay less tax, in just the same way as it’s entirely natural to wish to do anything else in this world that is not prohibited by law. That’s the whole point of the law: to set the boundary between what people can and cannot do.

If multinationals avoiding paying a higher amount of tax is significantly impacting national revenues, the tax laws must be changed so that said multinationals can’t avoid paying it; end of story. If there is any scorn to be poured, it should be over the government for presiding over tax laws that don’t collect enough money to fund the country.

I often wonder how many of those unleashing tirades of moral excoriation against the “evil tax-avoiding corporations” willingly pay voluntary contributions over and above their personal tax bill to the state, and if they don’t, the reason why they don’t.